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The company


« Corinne Costa Cosmétiques » develops and sells high performing cosmetics made from natural products where possible.
These cosmetics meet the requirements of customers who are looking for high tech products and who want to see scientific proof of the products’ capabilities.



The company is made up of five independent departments:

1) Research and Development


Innovative products are developed by cosmetics doctors and scientists to help you achieve your objectives for beauty and well-being.
There are three primary objectives:

– Design the most natural formulas possible to meet customers’ requirements and the demands of certifying bodies
– Develop extremely high performance products of a very high quality
– Identify new active ingredients and patent them


2) Production


All our products are manufactured by specialised French laboratories who meet very demanding quality standards. They have special industrial processes or advanced technologies (the case of nano-emulsions).


3) Professional Commercialisation Concept


The company is working in partnership with a specialised agency to develop appropriate marketing tools.

4) Network Marketing


Effective communication tools
High performing computer software
Real human skills

5) Distribution


Top notch assets:

– A distribution network which has been started up
– A range of innovative and exclusive products for a fast growing market (beauty – well being)
– An attractive and generous payment plan
– Short term international development: France, Europe, USA…
– Products which meet customer requirements
– Product pricing in line with the market

The collections

The skin ageing process is inevitable as it is genetically programmed into each and every one of us. This process speeds up as a result of the sun, cold, wind, dryness, pollution, hormonal changes, the menopause, tobacco and alcohol. We are all confronted by it from the age of 25/30 years old.

The skin is a three-dimensional system and based on the balance of the intercommunication cells. With aging, environmental stress and physiological disturbances, these communication systems can fail, Cell renewal takes more time, collagen production slows down, tissue relaxes and wrinkles appear.

Dehydration of the skin is also an important factor in the appearance of wrinkles. This results in a small cell anarchy both in the epidermis than to the dermis leading outward signs of aging:wrinkles, dehydration, loss of tone and firmness, dull skin, spots, etc. ....

Of course, there are cosmetic surgery, somewhat traumatic for skin ... and finances ...

Forget Have you already tested ...
Try ... relax and leave the magic ...
And see the excellence of our care that are revolutionizing the supply of anti-aging ...

Become partner

The " Corinne Costa Cosmétiques " company is a French Company implanted in Aquitaine at the heart of Dordogne.

Create in 2009 the company allows her distributors to:

  • - improve their quality of life,
  • - increase their income and
  • - to become independent by sharing high-technology exclusive products
  • and friendly and gratifying professional activity.

A great opportunity, simple and accessible, offering the possibility to work part time and for the most ambitious to create its own company!


  • - Increase your income without leaving your job,
  • - Set up your own business
  • - Further your career
  • - Work at your own pace
  • - Combine work and free time
  • - Travel,
  • - Finance the studies of your children,
  • - Prepare your retirement


  • - A real career, a part-time job or an extra payment…
  • - An attractive and unlimited wage
  • - Innovative and exclusive products
  • - A personalized and free training
  • - Part-Time, full time, extra income, management of team

Become Ambassador Corinne Costa Cosmétiques!

To be put in touch with an ambassador near you, leave us your details by completing the contact form.

You simply completer for your income of some hundred euros wish or wish to become you independent financially ?

You can become an actor of your life, choose your working schedules, be your own boss.

The advantages to become distributor

You benefit from the company'experience. Independent but not only; it is the strength of a network.

The absence of hierarchy: although everybody is independent and equal to the others, you will work in team.

The company offers you at any time support and evaluates, and shares its communication mediums for a wider distribution (catalogs, posters, brochures
and movies of the company)

No compulsory schedules, freedom of organization of its activity, autonomy in the research for clientele, a remuneration directly bound to its personal implication.

You benefit from a successful logistics, from our know-how and from our experience(experiment) in this job(business) and we shall accompany
you stage by stage in the development of your activity.

Relational federative and good spirit, you can for the most ambitious create your own'distributors network.


You are customer and you wish information on products and on various selling points.

Would you like to get extra income ?
Take our great opportunity, simple and accessible to all, offering the possibility of practicing in time chosen and for the most ambitious to create its own company!

You are


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Opening days

Monday to Friday (closed on weekends)

Opening hours

From 9:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 19:00